Technical Comparison

You should not miss this part if you are choosing School ERP for long term.

1. SPA (Single Page Application)

With InstiKit, you do not need to refresh page on every action. It saves a lot of server bandwidth. While all other scripts are Multi Page Application which refresh its page every time you click on a link or perform any action.

2. Always Up-to-date

Laravel is the Most Popular PHP Framework since 2013. Most of other scripts are built on CodeIgniter, which has no comparison with Laravel today. InstiKit is the only app which is built on Latest version of Laravel 6.10

3. Secure & Reliable

InstiKit is the most secured script available on CodeCanyon. It prevents CSRF, XSS, SQL Injection. All the actions are validated twice before it is inserted into the database. InstiKit also allows you to force redirect to SSL website. You may take any other script, put some dummy data with wrong calculations - They are inserted into the database without proper validation.

4. Scalable

You may compare InstiKit with other scripts, Adding new Features, Updating existing Features were always easy with InstiKit. While most of other scripts break on every update, InstiKit always became smoother with every update. If you are going to plan School ERP Solution for long term, you should consider the Database Structure seriously. You should compare the Database of InstiKit with other script to know why InstiKit is scalable.

5. Updates

You need not to email us or contact us for your future updates. Update process is made super simple with InstiKit. The one click update option helps you to quickly update the application. In case it fails, you get the update file from your account which you can use to update the application within minutes. Everytime, updates are released, you get notifications & can update the application at your own.

Feature Comparison

Check if any of these features are available in the script you are looking for.

1. Academics Module

1. Systematic academic hierarchy like Course Group, Course & Batch.
2. History of Class Teachers & Subject Teachers record.
3. History of Class Timing & Timetable & sync biometric attendance with it.

2. Students Module

1. Student's record including qualifications, documents, bank accounts, promotion & termination with history.
2. Multiple course for Students.
3. Multiple types of attendance like Day Wise, Subject Wise & Session Wise.
4. Batch wise holidays for students.

3. Finance Module

1. Most flexible Fee Structure including Monthly, Bi-monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly & Yearly installment.
2. Calculates Late Fee according to due date with differet frequency.
3. Multiple Fee Concession both percentage based & amount based.
4. Multiple Fee Reports like Fee Summary, Due, Concession & Payment Report.

4. Exam Module

1. Multiple Exam Patterns and quickly generates Report Card.
2. Multiple Exam Terms, Exam Schedule & Record
3. Multiple Exam Record like Practical, Theory per Subject.

5. Employee Module

1. Employee's record including qualifications, documents, bank accounts, promotion & termination with history.
2. Automated Leave Request for employees with different calculation method.
3. Multiple Attendance method for employees connected with Leave & Payroll.
4. Most powerful Payroll System that supports different payroll structure.